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harkskar's Journal

Matilda, Not-A-Nut
25 August 1987
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This journal has been locked down and most of its content has been moved to mamatillan. ♥


The name is Matilda. Studying ceramics, pottery, you know. I'm very creative, love art and music and looking at pretty things.

My mother caught me looking at lesbian porn when I was 14, I denied it all and of course had to take it all back two years later... What can I say - I love slash and men and all that but...just not like that.

So, um, anyway, this journal is to post my Harry Potter fanart at. Which is mostly slash, because naked men thouching is nice.

Concrit is welcome (and needed)! Friend me if you like, no need to ask.

And...I guess that's all I have to say really...